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Bracelet Buddy

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Easily fasten tricky jewellery clasps with this Bracelet Buddy

Bracelets can be difficult to fasten if you don’t have help at hand, but here’s an ingenious solution. The Bracelet Buddy holds one end of a bracelet or watch so you can secure the clasp without struggling.

  • Simple and quick way to save time and make life easier
  • Made from everlasting ABS and finished in a gold colour
  • Compact handbag size
  • Works in reverse for easy unfastening of bracelets too
Priced around £6.00Buy the Bracelet Buddy from Amazon

Ergonomic Toothbrush – Left or Right Handed

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Smarter than your average toothbrush…..

This extremely ergonomic toothbrush has been cleverly designed to suit either left or right handed ‘brushers’.  They have more bristles than your average toothbrush and the handle design ensures that you brush at the dentists recommended angle of 45%. The handle is moulded to fit the shape of your hand giving you more control too.

To quote the manufacturer, “it’s more than a toothbrush… it’s a mouthbrush”… now if that isn’t advocating for better oral hygiene, nothing is!

  • Lasts longer than ordinary toothbrushes
  • Easy to control
  • Right or left hand ergonomic handle
  • Made from 100% sustainable materials
  • Also available for children
Priced around £30.00Buy the RADIUS Original RIGHT Hand Toothbrush (pack of 3) from Amazon Priced around £50.00Buy the RADIUS Original LEFT Hand Toothbrush (pack of 6) from Amazon

Bra Angel

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This will help you keep abreast of getting dressed

Bra Angel

The Bra Angel dressing aid was designed by occupational therapists to help women who can only use one hand and who need to put on a bra without assistance.

The Bra Angel is ‘really useful’ and easy to use, it has two arms that are placed around the neck like a collar. The strap gripper is positioned below the breasts and the pink pad is gripped firmly by the chin and holds the Bra Angel in position between the breasts. It can easily be adjusted for different body sizes by pushing or pulling the extendable centre section.

The bra is placed upside down, inside out and back-to-front around the body. The hook end of the bra is then fed into the gripper allowing the user to let go of it and reach for the eye end before joining the two ends together. The bra can then be removed from the gripper and moved around the body and into position. The Bra Angel can then be released and removed and dressing completed.

Priced around £20.00Buy the Bra Angel from Amazon

The Accessible Property Register

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Accessible property can be challenging to find – but help is at hand

The Accessible Property Register is a specialist website advertising wheelchair accessible residential property and holiday accommodation throughout the UK. The site is free to use and adverts are accepted from all sources (private ads as well as estate agents and social housing organisations). Property for sale and rent is included. Anyone looking for property can register for free e-mail alerts when new adverts are posted and APR runs a second website exclusively for ‘Property wanted’ listings at

  • Wheelchair accessible property
  • Accessible holiday accommodation
  • Property wanted listings

Circulation Booster

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Reduce swelling and ease your aches and pains with this Circulation Booster!

Swollen feet and ankles? Painful legs and joints? Poor circulation? The Circulation Booster is here to help! The device works by sending tiny electrical impulses through the nerve endings in the soles of your feet which stimulates muscle contraction and improves your circulation.

Just 30 minutes a day will give you a significant and long lasting improvement in circulation. Maintaining good circulation will improve blood supply to your heart resulting in a decrease in swelling of legs and feet.

  • Improve – your circulation, reduce swelling and aid relaxation
  • Improve – venous stasis thereby reducing the risk of DVT and Pulmonary Embolism
  • Alleviates – aching feet and tired legs

Priced around £145.00

Buy the Circulation Booster

Wheeled Garden Seat

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Save your back and spare your knees when gardening

No more straining or back-breaking bending over. This garden seat provides a comfortable gardening solution.

  • Comfort – avoids back strain caused by constant bending

Priced around £50.00

Flower pot mover for the garden

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Flower pot mover – put plants out, not your back

This is a great garden gadget that does the hard work for you. We call it a flower pot mover, but in fact it could be used for moving other unwieldy objects too like food and drink crates.

All you do is push the ‘flower pot mover’ up to the pot and hold it with the adjustable attachment hook and your off!

  • Move 50 kg without you having to lift the object to be transported

Around £30.00

Trabasack Curve Connect

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The Trabasack Curve Connect is a great gadget platform to ensure your technology is always at your finger tips

The Trabasack Curve Connect allows you to attach anything to your tray using Velcro hook tape or stickers. This means no more wandering TV remote or gaming controls. Let’s face it losing control of your fun time is no laughing matter… game on!

  • Includes two long straps and two side straps
  • The two long straps can be used as rucksack or bum back straps
  • The side straps can be used for attaching the tray to your chair or a buggy
  • The tray comes in black with a choice of blue, pink or red trim
  • You can wash the tray too at 30°

Priced around £44.95

Buy the Trabasack Curve Connect – Lap Tray Bag

Drink when you want – without assistance with the Hydrant water bottle

The Hydrant water bottle is a great product and allows you to drink independently without relying on someone else to help you. The bottle can be hung from a bed, chair or wheelchair and the clever bite valve opens under pressure and closes when released so there is no leakage.

Supplied with:

  • Hanging Bracket
  • Integrated Cap
  • Drinking Tube
  • Bite Valve
  • Clip Attachment
Priced around £15.00Buy the Hydrant Water Bottle

A HUGE Congratulations from Really Useful Stuff to Hydrant Inventor – Mark Moran! Mark won a £1 million NHS Contract for Hydrant Water Bottle (August, 2012)

Pumice stone and foot massager

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This pumice stone and foot massager leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft again

Get rid of that hard skin with this clever pumice stone and foot massager. The suction cups mean you can easily fit this in the shower or near the bath for a hands free foot massage. It will leave your feet feeling smooth and soft again

  • Relax and massages your feet
  • Built-in super suction pads provide additional security
  • Removes any hard or dead skin
  • Leaves skin smooth and soft
  • Great for traveling

Priced around £6.00

Buy the Pumice Stone and Foot Massager