FlexyFoot walking aid adaption for a walking stick

This clever product is a moulded from high performance polypropylene, Flexyfoot uses the unique integral hinge properties of polymers. When correctly designed, the molecules in a polypropylene hinge align themselves across the hinge line, making it almost indestructible. The more the hinge area is flexed, the stronger it becomes.

The FlexyFoot bellows consist of a series of multiple hinges and has a life span in excess of 100,000 compressions or 200,000 steps. Tested on a purpose built rig, this is roughly the equivalent of about 60 miles of heavy walking.

FlexyFoot comes in four sizes.

You need the right size of connecting collar and this is determined by the width (diameter) of your walking stick, cane, crutches or walker. Existing FlexyFoot customers only need to order the replacement foot (as you will already have the reusable connecting collar.

Priced around £10.99